Management Liability(For Corporate)

If your Business falls into any one of the following catergories then Director Protector is not suitable for you and a standard Management Liability policy is required:

  • Turnover of greater than $6,5m
  • Requires more than $300,000 cover
  • Is listed on a securities exchange
  • Intends to list on an exchange
  • Clients or Stakeholders Domiciled in North America
  • Is a Financial Institution, Bio-Technology or Pharmaceutical Company

Definition of a Financial Institution:

“A bank, clearing house, credit institution, undertaking for collective investment in securities, investment firm, investment advisor/manager, investment fund or mutual fund, private equity or venture capital company, stock brokerage firm, insurance company or similar entity”

The AIG Management Liability wording is considered one of, if not the most comprehensive D&O policy available globally.

Management Liability Cheat Sheet