Finance and Fund Raising

  • Equity
  • Mezzanine
  • Debt

For all project stages from Pan European and American Investor Base

Risk Management
Political risks
  • Risks to contracts (government frustration, repudiation, embargo)
  • Risks to overseas assets (deprivation, forced abandonment, sabotage and terrorism, war damage, confiscation)
  • Risks to receivables (non-payment due to government buyer default)
  • Risks to the generation of revenue (inconvertibility, trade disruption, force majeure)

Project risks

  • Risks to cross border projects for lenders and developers
  • Expropriatory acts (including operating licence cancellation, selective discrimination and forced divestiture)
  • Embargo and sanction risks
  • Currency transfer risk
  • Terrorism, political violence and forced abandonment

Principle Controlled Insurance

Professional Indemnity and Crime

  • Collective Investment Schemes and Investment Managers
  • Management Co’s

Directors & Officers

    • Director Protector
    • Management Liability(For Corporate

Commercial and Corporate

Captive Management

Kidnap & Ransom


  • Frontfin